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Firmware update for SMG-1016M and SMG-2016 VoIP trunk gateways. Firmware version - 3.8.0

4 May 2017

Eltex released new firmware version for SMG-1016M and SMG-2016 VoIP trunk gateways.

Firmware version - 3.8.0
  • Time rounding select for RADIUS parameters
  • Conversation records file name transmission in RADIUS parameters
  • "Clear All" function management through RADIUS for dynamic subscribers
  • # and * usage in select blocks in IVR
  • The quantity of numbering plans has been extended to 255 on SMG-2016
  • Common prefix creation for all pickup groups
  • Number modifiers testing
  • Selective E1 stream assignment from SS7 linksets  to different trunk groups
  • SS7 channel continuity testing through the Web interface
  • If SIP RURI and To fields has a distinction, Redirecting and Original Called numbers issuing  will be disabled
  • Diversion field is issued in SIP URI format
  • + symbol transmission is disabled for international numbers
  • Incoming calls subnet  address assignment is available in SIP interfaces configuration
  • DTMF transmission by SIP NOTIFY (Cisco DTMF)
  • Incoming and outgoing calls restrictions can be configured separately for SIP subscribers
  • Language selection and saving based on browser configurations and user selection
  • Call hold in incoming trunk with automatic connection via alternative route, in case of connection loss
  • Incoming INVITE is duplicated to SMS receiver server
  • SMS receiving via SMPP, transmission via SIP to SMS server

Firmware and detailed description of new facilities available in Downloads or on the product page.   

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