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Firmware update for SMG-200, SMG-500, SMG-1016M, SMG-2016

25 April 2019 ELTEX released firmware update for IP-PBX SMG-200/500 and digital gateways SMG-1016M/2016.

Firmware version: 3.14.0

Added for all devices:
  • transit received X-UniqueTag SIP header or forming it from RADIUS Acct-Session-Id;
  • SNMP OID for check SIP trunk accessibility;
  • collection of traces by trunk group or phone number;
  • Connected Name transfer for SIP users;
  • "call released by device" mark in CDR;
  • queues in call groups.
Added for SMG-1016M/2016:
  • 1+1 active/backup redundancy mode.
Added for SMG-200/500:
  • VAS "Conference";
  • VAS "Do not disturb";
  • VAS "Blacklist";
  • Public IP support;
  • STUN support;
  • automatic blocking of faulty FXS ports;
  • phone connection detection;
  • FXS ports can be disabled manually;
  • accumulator battery state indication;
  • NAT comedia support;
  • group FXO/FXS ports configuration;
  • autodetect type and version FXS/FXO modules;
  • calls monitoring;
  • gain control on FXS for transmit/receive;
  • WEB/telnet/SSH users authorization via RADIUS.
  • Queue limit changed to 1-30 participants from 5-30.
Firmware and documentation is available on Downloads site.

Questions and issues about updating you can ask Eltex technical support.

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