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Firmware update for MES

9 July 2024 Update: MES5448, MES7048
Firmware Version:

  • Fixed the operation of the copy command specifying the source-interface;
  • Fixed the display of recycling of LAG interfaces;
  • Fixed the operation of the ARP table: now, when the ARP table overflows, zero records are cleaned more priority;
  • Grace-full start has been fixed, NSF now works in conjunction with the OSPF protocol.
  • The internal port limit (vlan*port) in PVST has been increased from 1024 to 16384;
  • The software flow-control for the serial interface is disabled, now the loss of control due to the automatic shutdown of input/output to the console is excluded.
The firmware and detailed description of the product capabilities are available in the Downloads or on the product page.

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