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The firmware update for MES1000 and MES2000 Ethernet Access switches. Firmware version –

11 July 2018 Eltex has released a new firmware version for MES1000 and MES2000 series Ethernet Access switches.

The firmware version –

  • Added verification before the interface is reset to the default configuration; 
  • Added opportunity to delete a particular entry in DHCP Snooping Database;
  • Added field of UDP packet loss statistics for IP SLA;
  • Added templates for Client MAC address and switches' IP addresses in CircuitID options for DHCP Option 82 and PPPoE IA.
  • Fixed an issue with PoE operation in MES2124P rev.C;
  • Fixed an unnecesarry output when configuring KeyChain;
  • Fixed problems with copying of certain configurations via TFTP.
You can download the firmware and read the detailed description in Downloads or on the product page.

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