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Firmware update for MES1000/2000 series access switches. Firmware version - 1.1.46.

3 April 2017 Eltex released new firmware version for  MES1000/2000 series access switches.

Firmware version - 1.1.46
  • Private VLAN support
  • Priority medium select for combo ports
  • Remote ID and Interface ID assigning in DHCPv6 LDRA
  • Circuit ID DHCP option 82 can be assigned as a sample
  • Updating and autoconfiguring of initial loader and firmware image with the help of DHCP options 43 and 125
  • DHCP option 12 (hostname)
  • Limiting of DHCP clients for ports
  • Quantity of multicast groups profiles on port has been extended to 32
  • Proxy-report mode has been added for static multicast groups
  • PPPoE session aging time can be changed in PPPoE IA table
  • Tagged STP BPDU forwarding is available
  • ACL can be applied on VLAN
  • Unauthorized multicast traffic filtering support for some VLANs
  • 802.1p priority configuration is available for VLAN management
  • SNMP-trap support  by login/logout events
  • SNMP-trap support  by cpu-rate limit exceeding
  • Extended LACP balancing methods set
  • Extended List of supported protocols for L2PT
  • RAM loading monitoring
  • Optional logging enabling for STP
  • East/west port-channel can be assigned as a port in ERPS
Firmware and detailed description of new facilities available in Downloads or on the product page.   

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