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Firmware update for IP-phones VP

2 February 2024 Update: VP-15P

Firmware Version: 2.8.0

Fixed LAN and PC network interface configuration logic causing phone MAC address duplication issues on Ethernet switches:
  • Single network interface
  • Single IP address for the phone (the mechanism of bringing two network interfaces up to provide "Internet" and "VoIP" services has been removed)
  • One network interface for all main and additional services
  • LLDP MED configuration. Setting up the phone is now more intuitive
  • Support for passing transit traffic for PC port for circuits with a tag same as the LAN port tag, different or with no tag
  • Network operation modes: PPPoE, NoIP
  • TR-069
  • IPSec
The firmware and detailed description of the product capabilities are available in the Downloads or on the product page.

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IP phone VP-15P
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