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Eltex starts serial production of TAU-4.IP - subscriber VoIP gateways

10 March 2017

The serial production of subscriber VoIP gateway TAU-4.IP was launched in March 2017. TAU-4.IP is dedicated to provide up-to-date VoIP-service for corporate clients through analogue telephones.

TAU-4.IP implements voice and facsimile data transmitting through the IP-network. Subscribers obtain access to a wide range of additional services. The transmission of facsimile messages is realized with the help of G.711 pass-through audio codec and according to T.38 protocol. The high quality of voice data transmission is provided due to supporting of all main audio codecs (G.711, G.723, G.729), echo cancellation, silence detector function, comfort noise generation, the generation and reception of DTMF signals and traffic prioritization mechanisms (QoS).

Main advantages

  • 4 FXS ports
  • 3G/4G - channel reservation
  • IPsec encryption
  • office PBX functions
  • TR-069/DHCP-based autoprovisioning
  • maximum length of line - 6
  • testing measurements of line characteristics

You can obtain more detailed information from the authorized dealers and staff of the Eltex commercial department:

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