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19 September 2016

Eltex Enterprise starts serial production of the new high-performance ONT NTU-SFP-100 GPON subscriber terminals that are designed to connect passive optical networks to higher-ranking equipment and provide broadband service access to end-user.

GPON connection is realized via PON interface.  SFP and SFP+ interfaces are used to connect terminal equipment of clients. Operation is supported in bridge mode.
NTU-SFP-100 allows you to receive and process untagged and once tagged traffic. (Service number will be limited by OLT capabilities).


The device provides the following schemes of traffic transmission from switch:
• transmission of untagged traffic from switch to specified VLAN (802.1q) or VLAN (QinQ) stack.
• transparent transmission of tagged traffic from switch to the predetermined VLAN  or tagged traffic transmission via use of VLAN manipulation (802.1q tag replacement by another 802.1q tag or by tag stack)

Since OLT firmware version 3.26.0:

• tagged traffic transmission from switch is realized in the VLAN range with encapsulation in the determined 802.1q tag (selective tunneling)
• transmission of all traffic from switch is realized with encapsulation in the determined 802.1q tag (typical tunneling)

You can obtain more detailed information from authorized dealers and staff of the Eltex commercial department:

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