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Eltex starts designing and construction of the second building

24 April 2017

The launch of complex project  is scheduled for II quarter of 2017. The project aims to extend telecommunication equipment manufacturing in Eltex Enterprise. A general contractor of the project is "Sportcomplex "Sosnovyj bor". The building will have an underground parking, transforming substation and local heat supply source and will be located on Okruzhnaya street, Kalinina district, Novosibirsk. The construction of 5-storey building area of 23 685 m2 will be finished in 2018 year.

The new project will be a continues for the first building of the research institute "Eltex" which was established in 2011 with the area of 13 438 m2.

The need for Enterprise extension occurred due to its productive necessity and telecommunication equipment needs. Nowadays, more than 95% of operating area are involved in production. The construction of the second building will allow the company to launch new production lines and create 445 high-tech workplaces. 

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