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ELTEX presents universal wireless signal repeaters

26 September 2019

RR-10 – wireless signal repeaters designed to expand the coverage area of wireless networks and amplify Wi-Fi signal. The new ELTEX solution eliminates blind spots of wireless network in detached houses, multi-room apartments, as well as small offices.


   Solution advantages:

  • High data rate with IEEE 802.11n/ac support
  • Compatibility with devices of other manufacturers
  • Increased data channel bandwidth through the use of MIMO 2x2 technology

Furthermore, the RR-10 provides Wi-Fi EasyMesh support in the future. The technology allows to construct the most productive wireless network: devices switch independently to a better connection and avoid interference. In addition, a network constructed on the basis of Wi-Fi EasyMesh devices allows to add access points from several vendors, which solves the problem of network equipment compatibility.

To obtain more detailed information, please contact Eltex commercial department:


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