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Eltex launches serial production of wireless access point with support for LTE

7 February 2019

WB-15-W is an all-weather Wi-Fi access point with support for LTE and channel redundancy dedicated to connecting network equipment to the Internet or departmental/corporate networks.

The device supports bridge mode for establishing of IPsec over GRE tunnels via cellular network and router mode if tunneling is not configured. WB-15-W allows to monitor quality of connection with base station.

WB-15-W is enclosed in a case with IP-54 protection level, that allows you to use the device in adverse climatic conditions.

*The configuration templates are available for huge carriers. WB-15-W may automatically define a modem profile.

Since firmware version 1.3.0, the device will be capable to provide connection to SoftWLC service platform in OTT mode through third-party cellular networks. It will provide fast and flexible installation of the service without extra actions. It will also allow to create GRE tunnels through cellular networks. The current firmware version is 1.1.0

Contact with the commercial department to order wireless access point:

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