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ELTEX launches serial production of new high-performance 10G aggregation switches

20 May 2019 Along with the development of telecommunication systems, there is an active growth in the amount of digital data that needs to be processed. The main feature of modern network equipment in such conditions is to ensure uninterrupted connection and to organize the constant transfer of a large amount of information. Considering the telecom operators and corporate customers requests, ELTEX launches serial production of new high-performance 10G aggregation switches. This ELTEX switches line is primarily an economical, but at the same time high-quality and effective solution for increasing the equipment capacity.
NET MES53xxA соцсети en.jpg
MES5316A, MES5324A and MES5332A switches are based on a high-performance packet processor, which makes this type of equipment more productive and profitable on the market among similar equipment. Switches of this series are equipped with 10GBASE-R/1000BASE-X interfaces and intended for use in carrier networks as aggregation devices and in small data centers.

The throughput of the new line of switches reaches 640 Gbps. MES5316A, MES5324A, and MES5332A switches have 16, 24, or 32 10G ports respectively and can be combined into a stack of 8 devices. Non-blocking switching matrix allows switches to perform proper processing of information at maximum loads, while maintaining minimal and predictable delays on all types of traffic. The front-to-back cooling provides effective cooling in modern data centers. Duplicated fans and DC or AC power sources in combination with progressive system for monitoring the hardware of the device provide high level of reliability. The hot-swappable redundant fans and AC/DC power supplies with advanced hardware monitoring functions ensure uninterrupted operation of the switches.

The initial batch of the devices will be released in June 2019.

To obtain more detailed information, please contact managers of Eltex commercial department:

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