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ELTEX launches serial production of low-cost access points WEP-1L, WEP-2L and WOP-2L

18 March 2020

The new access points series is aimed to solve the tasks of providing small and medium-sized enterprises with Internet access. The series is suitable for small offices, cafes, park areas, warehouse premises, etc.

The access points can operate simultaneously in the 2.4 and 5 GHz frequency bands. Due to the support for IEEE 802.11n/ac standards, the devices provide data transmission rates of up to 300 Mbps (at 2.4 GHz) and up to 867 Mbps (at 5 GHz).

SoftWLC controller serves for organization a public network with the possibility of portal authorization. For networks with the restricted access, operation is possible without the controller.
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Each access point is designed to solve a certain range of tasks.

WEP-1L — Indoor desktop access point. The device has the support for portal authorization and can provide Internet access for 10–15 users. The access point is a suitable solution for organizing public networks in small cafes, offices and shops.

WEP-2L — Indoor access point mounted on a wall/ceiling. It performs seamless roaming that makes this access point a universal solution for offices, business centers and shopping malls. WEP-2L can provide Internet access for 20–25 users.

WOP-2L — Outdoor access point with connectors for external antennas. The device is used to organize wireless networks in outside crowded areas. WOP-2L can provide Internet access for 20–25 users.

The devices are available for free testing. To obtain more detailed information, please contact managers of ELTEX commercial department:

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