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ELTEX launches serial prodoction of hybrid platform SMG-3016

23 January 2020

ELTEX continues a model range of hybrid platforms with SMG-3016 based on a popular VoIP trunk gateway SMG-2016. The better use of available resources and improved hardware components will allow extending the range of provided services.

SMG-3016 can be used as a trunk gateway, as IP-PBX (supporting up to 3000 subscribers), and as session border controller SBC-3000 (with the relevant software installed).
Due to a wide range of supported protocols, SMG-3016 can be easily integrated into the existing network and provides 100% functional compatibility with other vendors’ equipment.

  Key benefits of SMG-3016:

  • Improved hardware components;
  • High performance - 120 cps;
  • Up to 16 E1 streams;
  • Up to 768 IP channels;
  • Support for up to 3000 subscribers;
  • Hot-swappable power supplies 220/48
Functionality for call intervention, conference rooms and call distribution to several end devices is under development. It is also planned to implement API (Bitrix, SIP MESSAGE transmission, integration of AutoProvision server, etc.).

The device is available for testing. To obtain more detailed information, please, contact managers of ELTEX commercial department:

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