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ELTEX joined Z-Wave Alliance

8 October 2019

Z-Wave Alliance is an open association of home automation and control products vendors that develop products and services based on Z-Wave technology. Z-Wave is a wireless protocol used for home automation systems, Smart Home and IoT. Today, Z-Wave Alliance unites more than 700 manufacturers.

ELTEX joined the Alliance and gained the right to use the patented Z-Wave protocol. The membership provides access to the advantages of the technology that have become available on ELTEX equipment:

  • Ultra-low battery consumption for up to 10 years battery life
  • Z-Wave signal has a sufficient range for building home automation systems (about 150 m outdoor and 50 m indoor)
  • The use of self-organizing MESH networks with the possibility of routing, even when there is no direct communication with a controller. This factor multiplies the network coverage area.
  • High security of transmitted data due to advanced encryption algorithms
To obtain more detailed information please contact Eltex commercial department:

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