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Eltex has started the development of converters to solve tasks on automation of data collection

1 April 2019

Nowadays, the issue of automation of data collection from individual meters is getting more and more important for utility providers and service providers. Therefore, Eltex developed and released set of devices and software for automatic data collection from individual and building-level meters. Today, the company intends to expand the set of IoT devices and add interfaces converters.

MD1-CV-RS485A and MD1-CV-RS232A interface converters allow to connect individual and building-level meters to digital interfaces (RS-485, RS-232) and modify data for Ethernet networks with TCP/IP stack. Also, the converters provide security of data transmission. The devices realize data transmission from Ethernet network to a serial interface and in opposite direction without changing. There is an opportunity to configure serial interface parameters, such as data rate, parity control, the quantity of data bits and stop-bits.

Converters benefits:
  • compact size
  • simple installation
  • low price
  • +12V and +5V outputs for power supply of individual and building-level meters' digital interfaces

The devices are designed to solve issues on automation of data collection and provide transmission of data from water, heat and electricity meters to Eltex.SC platform. Also, interface converters operate in TCP server mode and might be used with any data collection systems.

The launch of the devices serial production is planned to be performed in the second quarter of 2019.

To obtain detailed information, please, contact the commercial department of Eltex:

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