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Eltex has realized a new service - radio resource management based on a Wi-Fi software controller

3 August 2017

Eltex extends capabilities of WOP and WEP series wireless devices. The function set is evolved according to nowadays corporate clients needs. One of the priority direction  for the development of the access points in Enterprise and High-Density Wi-Fi field is implementation of Radio Resource Management service on the basis of Wi-Fi software controller (SoftWLC).  Radio Resource Management provides optimization of access point parameters according to current conditions. RRM does not replace radio planning, but allows implementing network final optimization and permanent management.

The service works via conjunction access point-server (SoftWLC). Access points collect data on radio environment in every moment of time on a server command and transmit it to the server. The server analyzes quality  of radio environment  and optimizes parameters of each  access point. It provides stability of the coverage area.

Optimization algorithms:
  • Dynamic Channel Assignment (DCA) - algorithm of radio channel distribution on a network in order to avoid interference
  • Transmit Power Control (TPC) - transmitter power management algorithm. It provides wider coverage area and minimizes overlapping areas.
The main tasks of the function:
  • Automatic configuration of operating channels among access points
  • Automatic adjustment of transmitter power for stable coverage area arrangement (cells)Dynamic configuring according to environment state
  • Dynamic configuring according to environment state
  • Optimization of Wireless network bandwidth
  • Overlapping areas minimization

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The feature is available in SoftWLC firmware version -1.7.X and greater for access points - 1.10.0.X and greater.

Load balancing among access points is planned to be realized in the next firmware releases. Also, client roaming optimization among access points is being developed:
  • In case of network overload, an access point will not connect new clients if there is another access point to connect.
  • Roaming optimization based on black lists is used for eliminate random re-connection of clients at the borders of cells. Client who have stable connection with an access point are added to black lists of other access points in the network.
It provides roaming to clients who need it.

You can obtain more detailed information from the authorized dealers and staff of the Eltex commercial department: 

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