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ELTEX has launched serial production of interface converters for solving data collection automation tasks

21 August 2019

ELTEX developed and launched a set of devices and software on the market for providing automated data collection from individual and common house metering devices, including interface converters MD1-CV-RS485A and MD1-CV-RS232A.

The converters are designed to provide remote access to metering devices with a digital interface (RS-485, RS-232) via an Ethernet network. The devices transmit values from the Ethernet network to the serial interface and back without changes, which ensures the security of information transfer. Due to the capabilities of the RS-485 interface, using one MD1-CV-RS485 converter, it is possible to interrogate up to 255 metering devices connected to a common bus via IPA-S6 splitters.

The converters provide settings for serial interface parameters, such as: data rate, parity, the number of information bits in the package and stop bits.

Advantages of converters:
• compact housing
• ease of installation
• + 12V and + 5V outputs for powering digital interfaces of individual and common metering devices

Interface converters solve the problems of data collection automation and provide the transmission of water, heat and light meter values to the Eltex SC platform. Also, the devices operate in the 'TCP server' mode and can be used with other metering systems. 

To obtain more detailed information, please contact the managers of Eltex commercial department:


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