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Eltex has completed the development of Wi-Fi offload for WEP/WOP series Wi-Fi access points

23 October 2018

The solution permits authorization in Wi-Fi networks using a mobile SIM card through 802.11u standard and ensures seamless switching between Wi-Fi and GSM networks by EAP-SIM, EAP-AKA, as well as mobile data overload in Wi-Fi network for load shifting, generated by Internet traffic, from mobile network to Wi-Fi network. 

The use and implementation of public wireless networks is increasing every year, Wi-Fi networks appear on subway, in public transport, parks, stadiums and etc. Besides we can see regular traffic increase in mobile networks which are not always able to provide high rates because of the limited base station resources and frequency spectrum, so the load should be distributed among wireless technologies operating in different frequency bands.

Wi-Fi offload solution allows user to seamlessly switch to the Internet traffic transmission via Wi-Fi network without having to log in manually or to enter the password on your smart phone, if there are networks in sight that support the GSM operator of a subscriber. To implement authorization in Wi-Fi offload the subscriber device must support 802.11u standard.


This standard allows you to automatically find wireless networks that have SIM-card identification (EAP-SIM, EAP-AKA) available, to identify a user in a phone carrier’s database (HLR) and provide a user with the necessary network access policies (tariff, rate and etc) without user manipulations.

Excluding seamless switching between GSM and Wi-Fi networks for a user, the basic monetary model is based on mutually beneficial arrangements between carriers possessing Wi-Fi offload networks and phone carriers (3G, 4G). For them, such arrangements can become one of the additional income source.

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