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Eltex Day in Minsk

4 July 2024 The Eltex Day seminar was held in Minsk city, Belarus, on June 12. Representatives of telecom providers, system integrators and various enterprises of Belarus gathered to listen about the Eltex new products and modern software solutions. The event was held in partnership with Select Telecom.

The main objective of the seminar was to introduce participants to Eltex developments, share successful cases and discuss future joint projects.

Eltex experts talked about development plans in the field of broadband access, Wi-Fi and VoIP solutions, compared the configuration principles of Eltex and Cisco switches, demonstrated examples of routing settings and the ECCM system. All the topics appealed to participants of the seminar, and a lively dialogue between the speakers and the audience helped to better understand the functionality of the equipment.

After the informative theoretical block, the communication continued in an informal setting: a rich entertainment program was prepared.

Eltex Day participants had a high regard for the potential of ready-made solutions for upgrading their own projects, noted the relevance and functionality of the equipment. They also discussed future joint projects for further development and building new partnerships.

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