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ELTEX confirms YEALINK telephone compatibility with ECSS-10 and SMG

28 August 2019

ELTEX expands the list of IP phones compatible with Softswitch ECSS-10 software-hardware complex (firmware version 3.11) and trunk gateways SMG-1016M, SMG-2016, SMG-200, SMG-500 (firmware version 3.14.0), with the following Yealink phone models - T19P E2, T21P E2, T23G, T27G, T53W, W53P, T23P, T29G, W60P, T58V.

These IP phone models support the Eltex Autoprovision system, which will be delivered as a part of the ECSS-10 release version 3.14. The 3.14 version is planned to be released in autumn2019. Eltex Autoprovision subsystem is intended for automated management of the settings of subscriber SIP-phones from different manufacturers.

In addition to Yealink phones, Softswitch and SMG provide collaboration with third-party IP phones such as D-Link, HTEK, Avaya, Siemens, Panasonic, AudioCodes, Snom, Grandstream and Cisco. At the same time, ELTEX launches its own series of IP phones, which have the full range of functionality required for budget telephones.

Please contact Eltex commercial department to order free equipment testing to verify ELTEX devices compatibility with existing IP phones in your company:

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