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Eltex company took part in the GPON-2016 Conference

24 May 2016

GPON-conference was organized during the Sviaz-2016 exhibition.

The conference brought together communications service providers and members of Eltex Company. The presenters shed light on principals of GPON networking. Providers shared their experience of networking and shed light on advantages and disadvantages of their networks. All presentations were very interesting and were accompanied by active discussions and questions. Official Representative of Eltex Enterprise such as Eltex Communication Company and Group of Companies Component, which supply components parts for fiber-optics, sponsored the conference.

 Nikita Gricenko, Issue manager of broadband access direction, said, “On such type of conference we see a platform to share experience on optical telecommunication networking, discuss and solve problems. In the last time, our company takes part in the same conference with increasing frequency. We share experience of networking on the base of our equipment and talk about the realized projects.”

“Idea of conference organization was initiated relatively recently. We wanted to create atmosphere of experience exchange between communications service providers. The conference was attended by beginners as well as experts of this area. The main time was busy by providers’ presentations about their GPON experience. Unfortunately, event format has not allowed us to comprise anybody who wanted to take part in conference.  We are planning to organize the oversize GPON-2017 conference in the next year.”- Ivan Eremin, header of Ltd “Eltex Communication” and Official Representative of Eltex Company, commented.

Videos and presentations of participants are presented on the web-site:

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