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Eltex and TTK have launched an "Interactive TV" service

9 August 2017

The giant Russian service provider, TTK, announced the launch of "Interactive TV" service in spring 2017. Now, TTK subscribers have the access to the high-quality IPTV service with support for rewind on air programs, pause and watching of already ended movies. On the pilot project stage, the service worked on the basis of Eltex set-tops NV-501.

At the beginning of the project, the service was available in several macroregional branches. Nowadays, the Interactive TV is available in 50 Russian cities and project is being extended. The service is planned to be available to 50 000 subscribers at the end of 2017.  

"We have worked on the software and launched projects in several branches of TTK. During the cooperating with TTK, we have agreed with a concept of Eltex set-tops promotion on the TTK's networks. At the moment, we are working on the branding of the devices, that will allow our partner to conduct a massive campaign" - the head of Eltex Media department, Kirill Chernikov, said.

Eltex has a large staff including developers and service center department and evolving production. All the factors allow Eltex to be ready to provide service provider with high-quality equipment for a large number of subscribers.  

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