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ECSS-10 software update. Version 3.14.7

28 April 2021 ELTEX has released a new version of the software for ECSS-10.

Version 3.14.7

< b>Key system changes in ECSS-10 3.14.7
  • Expanded and improved the functionality of conferences and the selector< / li>
  • Pilot implementation of Desktop Assistant< / li>
  • Redesigned resource-intensive processes for processing subscriptions and monitoring virtual PBX < / li>

Detailed information about changes by subsystems
  • Call Center
    • Forwarding the incident card ID to the 112 system< / li>
  • Core
    • Manager of connected clients on core< / li>
    • Added answerTime for CallAPI calls
    • Added the phone alias type in ecss_address_book< / li>
    • Added the command to cancel a subscription by B-number (target)
    • Added version check of the connected MSR< / li>
    • Fixed the o_no_answer_timeout timer conflict within the
    • selectorFixed behavior on the second call of the Zone page group< / li>
    • Fixed the display "The number of the called is not available" when working on IP-NET
    • DTMF add-on with the 0x99 command when working over IP-NET< / li>
    • Added DTMF support in the MGCP controller
    • Added commands for working with voice mail by numbers for Desktop Assistant
    • Added command to get call history by numbers for Desktop Assistant< / li>
    • Extended CSTA API for Desktop Assistant
    • Added feature codes of pulse dialing for pickup service
    • Added favorite support for the template and active meeting participant
    • The transition on the post_processing branch in the talk
    • block is supportedFixed domain deletion
    • Fixed working with BLF subscriptions< / li>
    • Fixed misalignment of working with MSR in the
    • dialog
  • Desktop Assistant
    • Improved the command API for working with voice mail< / li>
    • Improved data structure in the voice mail receiving command< / li>
    • Improved the logout
    • command
    • Added a mechanism for sending a message from one pda client to another< / li>
    • Added subscription to the list of logged-in pda users< / li>
  • < li>Desktop client of the contact center operator
    • Implemented a desktop client of the contact center operator< / li>
  • DS
    • Added the use of ELM licenses instead of LPM in the ecss10 project
    • Fixed the startup procedure for a large number of domains< / li>
  • Mediator
    • Replaced the remote http_terminal certificate with a single ecss10 certificate
  • MSR
    • Added the sender and recipient number to the fax information line< / li>
  • SIP
    • Added support for BLF on AudioCodes 320HD phones
    • Improved support for routing by reason code from SIP Reason< / li>
    • Fixed the operation of the QSIG
    • protocol
  • System
    • Fixed error handling of "cocon/list groups", "mgc/gateway/declare"
    • commandsAdded version information in the output of the
    • commandAdded creation of the external table in ecss_address_book when installing ecss-mysql< / li>
  • Teleconference
    • Fixed location of participants in the selector and teleconference is made
    • Supported "Meeting/Call End Notification" < / li>
    • Added a restriction for the domain/DOMAIN/ldap/sync/properties/set action_list set teleconference\role
    • propertyRemoved sending full state to existing subscribers of the conference call when receiving the next subscription
    • Updated lists in realtime: tasks on the "Scheduler Tasks" page, groups on the "Participant Groups" page, templates on the "Templates" page
    • Conference, MeetMe, and ChatRoom data structures are brought to a single view of Teleconference data structures< / li>
    • Added the ability to configure notifications in the teleconference template: about turning on / off the microphone, about a request to turn on< / li>
  • Web-configurator-advanced
    • The authorization dialog is aligned to the size of the browser window
    • Fixed bugs and took into account comments on the interface< / li>
    • Removed the old contact center supervisor WORKSTATION from ecss-web-conf< / li>
    • Sorting in MSR media recorders is supported< / li>
    • Added translations of Russian hints for SIP domain properties, translated the Web Domains page< / li> < li>Improved the subscriber card: added an indication of the status of the subscriber registration, reworked filling in the URI when creating a SIP subscriber
    • Added the ability to configure the "Call History" < / li>
    • Added filters for DVO< / li>
    • The call category is set based on a single database of numbers within the number modification/adaptation manager< / li>.
    • Added support for the global database of numbers at the level of the in_list parameter within the number modification manager< / li>
    • Zone and site on the web are supported< / li>
    • Supported pre-holiday working day on the Web< / li>
  • Web configurator-standard
    • Fixed branding (using the BRAND_PATH parameter)
    • Added a ban on creating a dialer campaign if the domain has a zero restriction< / li>
    • Added a new number to the dialer by one click< / li>
  • < li>Subscriber's web portal
    • Added localization of the Click2Call page< / li>
  • Web-teleconference
    • Added the "subscriber number changed" event in active conference events
    • Subscription to the list of conference call templates is supported< / li>
    • Subscription to the scheduler task list is supported< / li>
    • Added notification settings in the teleconference template< / li>
    • Added favorite support for the template and active meeting participant< / li>
    • Added selection of the scale of the main workspace cards< / li>
    • Changed the default behavior when clicking on an active conference call on the web< / li>
    • Subscription to the list of groups of participants of the conference call is supported< / li>
    • Added the ability to add a number starting with " + " in the template and active meeting< / li>
    • Added listening to voice settings (greeting, goodbye) in the teleconference template< / li>
    • Added the ability to schedule a meeting in the calendar and scheduler tasks< / li>
The software and a detailed description of the new features are available in Download Center or on the product page

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