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Development of premium IP phone VP-100P

26 January 2024 Development of the first Eltex Android-based IP phone has started. VP-100P is a premium-class device with a wide range of features that will please even the most demanding business users.
Design development is currently underway. A team of engineers and developers is creating an easy to use and ergonomically optimised phone with all the features required for comfortable work in a modern office. One of the possible design options is shown below.

VP-100p_ТЕЛО_НОВОСТИ_eng (1).png

According to the current concept:
  • VP-100P will be equipped with a colour touch screen display and support all the usual IP telephony functions. Special emphasis is placed on high-quality voice transmission: support for wideband audio codecs implementing HD voice technology is provided.
  • With the Android OS and powerful hardware, users will be able to extend the phone’s functionality with business applications and use them simultaneously on the large display. These can be cloud services, schedulers, CRMs, social media and other useful tools.
  • VP-100P can be used to make video calls and participate in video conferences, which is especially useful for remote meetings and presentations. Wi-Fi support is provided to wirelessly connect the phone to the corporate network. The Bluetooth module allows using peripheral devices such as wireless headsets and handsets with VP-100P, which will significantly expand the possibilities of workplace organisation.
Note that video calling, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity is optional and depends on the security policy and requirements of the company where the phone will operate.
More information on VP-100P will be provided later. The phone’s functionality will be enhanced. Follow our news on the website and in social networks.
To get information about the new device, please, contact ELTEX Sales Department at

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