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Development of new MES2300/3300 switch series

21 July 2023 Last year, the development of new series of MES2300/MES3300 switches designed for medium and large-scale networks was announced.

MES2300 is a series of switches with advanced access functions and basic routing capabilities. MES3300 is a series of high-performance switches with advanced routing capabilities that can be used as Top-of-Rack switches in data centers or for routing and combining flows coming from access switches in corporate networks.


The new series are based on high-performance ARMv8 processors with an increased amount of ternary associative memory (TCAM). This can significantly speed up data processing and increase device efficiency.

In 2022, the development of pilot models of the MES2300-24 and MES3300-24F series began. At the moment, the model range has been significantly expanded. The switches have a variety of port configurations and other options to adapt them to different network infrastructure requirements.

24-port models
The MES3300-24F model has been put into mass production. The release of the MES2300-24 is expected in the near future.

MES2300-24 is an access switch with basic routing functions. It has 24 Ethernet ports of 1 Gbps and 4 SFP+ ports of 10 Gbps, built-in AC power supply and passive cooling. The switch is used to connect end devices to the corporate network.


The MES3300-24F, unlike the MES2300-24, has 20 SFP ports of 1 Gbps, 4 combo ports (twisted pair + optics) of 1 Gbps, 4 SFP+ ports of 10 Gbps, as well as a dedicated OOB port for network management. The model has great possibilities for power redundancy from both AC and DC sources with hot-swap. The Front-to-Back cooling system consists of 4 fans with automatically adjustable operating speed.


48-port models
Within the MES2300/3300 series, the development of three new 48-port switch models has been completed.

MES2300-48P is a PoE-enabled access switch. It has 48 PoE/PoE+ ports of 1 Gbps and 4 SFP+ ports of 10 Gbps. The PoE power budget is 1450 W. The device is designed to connect and power end devices, has advanced access functionality and a basic one for routing traffic.


MES2300B-48 AC, unlike MES2300-48P, has 48 Ethernet ports of 1 Gbps without PoE support, the other characteristics are similar. The main feature of the model is that in case of 220 V AC power supply failure, it is possible to automatically switch to an external 12 V battery.

mes2300B-48 AC.png

The MES3300-48 aggregation switch has 48 Ethernet ports of 1 Gbps, 4 SFP+ ports of 10 Gbps. For remote control over the network, the model is equipped with a dedicated OOB port.


The MES3300-48 has extensive power redundancy capabilities – one DC or AC power supply source or two hot-swappable DC or AC power sources. In addition, the device is equipped with an active 4 fan Front-to-Back cooling system.

Key features of MES2300/3300 series:
  • bandwidth up to 128 Gbps, 176 Gbps*;
  • various port configurations by capacity and type;
  • stacking up to 8 devices;
  • non-blocking architecture;
  • advanced access features;
  • QoS and bandwidth management;
  • static and dynamic routing (RIP, IS-IS, OSPF, VRRP, BGP**);
  • VLAN support (Voice VLAN, IEEE 802.1Q, Q-in-Q, GVRP);
  • Multicast support (IGMP Snooping, MVR, IGMP Proxy, PIM);
  • security functions (L2–L4 ACL, IP Source Guard, Dynamic ARP Inspection, etc.);
  • advanced management and monitoring functions.
* For 24- and 48-port models, respectively.
** License required.

Series are still being developed and updated with new models, for example, MES3300-48F with 48 SFP ports of 1 Gbps, 8-port and PoE models. Follow the development news on the Eltex website.
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