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Completed development of the MES5410-48 switch for data centers

6 February 2024 The development of MES5410-48 has completed. MES5410-48 is a new model in the line of switches for data centers, as well as for powerful aggregation nodes of corporate and provider networks. The switch has advanced routing capabilities and in terms of performance is in the line between MES5400-48 and the flagship MES5500-32.


MES5410-48 has a non-blocking architecture with a high bandwidth up to 3.6 Tbps. The switch is equipped with 48 ports of 25 Gbps (SFP28) with the ability to work at 10 Gbps (SFP+), 6 ports of 40/100 Gbps (QSFP+/QSFP28).

Due to high throughput capability and low latency, the switch can process and transmit large volumes of data center traffic. Stacking up to 8 devices allows scaling the number of ports and performance.

Like other models in the line, MES5410-48 works with a full stack of routing protocols: OSPF (v.2, v.3), BGP*, RIP, IS-IS, MSDP, IGMP Proxy, etc.

Thanks to support for EVPN/VXLAN* technology, the switch can be used to implement Leaf/Spine architecture, a modern solution for building a fault-tolerant data center.
* BGP and EVPN are activated by the license.

The switch can work with two hot-swappable AC power supplies. The Front-to-Back cooling system consists of five hot-swappable dual fans. This redundancy ensures high fault tolerance and uninterrupted operation of the switch even under difficult operating conditions.

Key features:
  • 48 ports of 25 Gbps, 6 ports of 100 Gbps;
  • Bandwidth up to 3.6 Tbps;
  • IPv4/IPv6 routing;
  • EVPN/VXLAN support;
  • Non-blocking architecture;
  • Stacking up to 8 devices.
MES5410-48 has passed the testing stage and is being prepared for mass production. For more information on MES5410-48, please contact the ELTEX Sales Department at

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