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Completed development of the ESR-15VF service router

20 March 2024 Development of the Eltex service router line for small and medium-sized corporate networks continues. We have already described in detail the three models included in the line and their capabilities.


Development of ESR-15VF, a new model in the line with advanced routing capabilities and protection against modern cyber threats, has been completed. It is a version of ESR-15R and has additional functionality that can be useful when operating in small company networks.

The main difference between the ESR-15VF and other models in the line is 4 FXS ports. They can be used to connect analog phones to a corporate VoIP network without separate VoIP gateway.

The number of Ethernet ports on the ESR-15VF has been increased for more flexible organization of connections to the local network: there are 8 of them, instead of 4, as in ESR-15R. The other interfaces are the same: there are two optical uplink ports of 1 Gbps, a console port and two USB 2.0 ports. Performance for NAT, firewall, or routing on 1518 B packets is 1.15 Gbps.

The new product supports high-availability clustering, which enables connection redundancy for uninterrupted operation in case of failure of one of the devices. Learn more about the functionality here.

ESR-15VF is a universal network solution that combines the capabilities of a router and a firewall, and uses hardware acceleration to process traffic. This ensures high performance of the corporate network even under heavy loads and
simplifies its administration.

Routing options:
  • IPv4 and IPv6 routing: OSPFv.2/v.3, IS-IS, BGP, RIPv2, etc.;
  • Network addresses NAT, Static NAT, ALG translation;
  • Troubleshooting and switching to redundant BFD routes for BGP and OSPF sessions;
  • Data transmission using MPLS tags;
  • PBR policy based routing;
  • Separation of routes within a single VRF session.
Multilevel network protection
For secure remote connection, ESR-15VF supports tunneling over IPsec, VPN, and L2TP protocols. The firewall reliably protects the network from different external threats: it detects and blocks abnormal traffic, DDoS attacks, malware, etc. It can work across trust zones, L2–L4 fields, and applications.

The IDS/IPS system, enhanced by Kaspersky SafeStream II technology, is designed to significantly improve protection. It scans traffic in real time, detects intrusion attempts and prevents them. IDS/IPS and Kaspersky SafeStream II technology support are activated by licenses.

For more information on ESR-15VF service router, contact ELTEX Sales Department at

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