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CaTV on the basis of GPON technology is getting available!

12 September 2018 Eltex Enterprise extended customer terminals line by a unique solution for telecom market –  low-cost ONT NTU-1C with RF-connector. We are ready to present the device which is available for service providers as well as for end users.

Customer terminals NTU-1C are high-performance multifunctional devices which are designed to provide access to modern services – high-speed Internet and cable TV.
The device uses PON technology which allows saving on the cable infrastructure and provides end users with high data rates,  up to 2.25 Gbps downlink and up to 1.25 Gbps uplink, and high-quality services.

Key features:
• Controlled RF-port for CaTV service provision
• Simultaneous connection of 5 TV sets without quality deterioration
• Optic and cable signal measurements
• High-speed access to the Internet
• Debugged QoS mechanisms which allow to provide IP telephony, High Definition TV/IPTV    

You may apply for more detailed information and free test ordering to the commercial department managers – ELTEX@ELTEX-CO.RU

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