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A new smoke detector is available for ELTEX smart home

7 November 2023

SZ-SMK smoke detector is now available for Eltex smart home system. There is no smoke without fire: the new detector detects a dangerous situation at the smoke stage, enabling a quick prevention of a fire.

Smoke Detector

SZ-SMK operates via Z-Wave protocol and requires an ELTEX hub, such as SH-10-WZ, to add it to the smart home system. The detector is easy to connect and configure via the Eltex Home mobile application.

SZ-SMK can be installed in any living space due to its compact size. No wires are needed: just put the detector in a convenient place or fix it on the wall or ceiling.

SZ-SMK has a sensor which provides quick detection of smoke at the initial stage. The detector operates on a single battery and has high autonomy. To prolong it, install another battery in the additional battery compartment. This significantly extends the operating time without the need to replace the power supply.

SZ-SMK will detect smoke and alert you with a loud embedded audible alarm as well as a notification in the Eltex Home application. Thus, the smoke detection system is effective in alerting you even when no one is home.

In addition, the smoke detector can be used in automation scenarios. For example, when the smoke detector is triggered, the Eltex smart home system can provide a signal using lighting units. This way, in addition to an audible alarm and push notifications in your smartphone, you can set up an additional way of alerting with light.

With its high autonomy, fast response time and wide range of notification options, the SZ-SMK smoke detector is an effective solution for timely smoke detection and increased fire safety.

To find out more about the new ELTEX smoke detector and smart home system, please contact the ELTEX sales department:

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