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Designer and manufacturer of communication equipment
Russia (GMT +7)

Optical multiplexer ToPGATE-16E1-2FG

  • Support for CSFP (Compact Small Form-factor Pluggable) modules. 2 optic-fiber lines can be connected through a single CSFP module
  • Opportunity to view IDProm and DDM (Digital Diagnostics Monitoring) of SFP/CSFP modules
  • DyingGasp
  • Transmission of 16 structured or unstructured E1 streams through data network without quality deterioration
  • Unique algorithms of frequency recovery which provide stable operation on real networks
  • Unified interface with ToPGATE series devices for combination of 100M, 1G and 10G networks based on cooper, optical and wireless technologies
  • Local traffic mirroring
  • MVR (Multicast VLAN Registration) – multicast VLANs registration, which allows to transmit multicast stream in a single VLAN, while end users are capable to obtain it being in different VLANs
  • Support for RSTP protocols for networks with complicated topology with redundancy, e.g. ring with spurs, tree
  • Support for SNMP, Web, Telnet, SSH, RADIUS, TACACS+
  • Local and remote management and diagnosis
  • Opportunity to control devices through Eltex-EMS management system
Documents and files
E1 interfaces
  • Quantity: 16 RJ-45
  • Standards: G.703, G.704, G.706, G.823
  • Interface: symmetric 120 Ohm, HDB3/AMI
  • Synchronisation: inner, incoming Е1 stream synchronisation
  • Link distance: 500 m
Ethernet interfaces
  • Quantity: 4
  • 2 Gigabit Ethernet interfaces, 1 SFP/CSFP Gigabit interface, 1 SFP Gigabit interface
  • Cooper interfaces standards: IEEE 802.3i 10Base-T, IEEE 802.3u 100Base-TX, IEEE 802.3ab 1000Base-T, IEEE 802.3x Flow Control
  • Optical interfaces standards: IEEE 802.3u 100Base-FX, IEEE 802.3z 1000Base-X, IEEE 802.3x Flow Control
TDM over Packet Network (Ethernet/IP)
  • Transmission delay: 1–2000 ms
  • 1+1 redundancy
Parameters and capabilities
  • MAC table: 1024 entries
  • Switching: on line speed
  • Maximum frame size: 1632 bytes
  • IGMP Snooping
  • Port mirroring
  • Support for NAT for Е1 streams transmission
  • VLAN: IEEE 802.1Q standard, values range from 0 to 4095, Q-in-Q – double tagging;
  • MVR (Multicast VLAN Registration)
  • 4 priority queues 802.1p
  • QoS based on: switch port, VLAN, DSCP, source/destination MAC address
  • FlowControl
  • SAFilter – MAC address filtering
  • Scheduling – frames output planning
  • Dying Gasp – message sending to syslog server in case of powerdown or reload
  • Local management: 1 USB type B port, 1 RS-232
  • Management through IP network: Telnet CLI, menu, SSH, Web interface, SNMP v1, v2c, v3
  • Equipment management, e.g. PBX management via AUX port
  • RADIUS, TACACS+ authentication
  • Dimensions (WxHxD, mm): 430х44х150, 19" formfactor;
  • Weight 2 kg;
Power supply
  • 220 VAC, -48 VDC
  • Maximum power consumption 15 W

Operational lifetime of the ELTEX equipment
In development
Mass production
Mass production is over
Sold out
Support is over
Regardless of the operational lifetime stage, Eltex provides a 12 months warranty on all its telecommunication equipment.
During the warranty period the manufacturer ensures technical support and free-of-charge repair at the Enterprise which is situated in Novosibirsk.
As part of the warranty service, technical support is provided on the first-in first-out principle.
The priority support packages of 8/5 and 27/7 types are subjects to additional charges.

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