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IP phone VP-15


Key benefits:
  • Support for 2 SIP accounts
  • Autoprovisioning (TR-069, DHCP)
  • Headset connection
  • Large liquid crystal display

Office terminal
VP-15 is perfectly suitable for companies with high requirements to the quality of voice data transmission, reliability and usability.

High quality of sound
The high performance of VP-15 phones is provided by the hardware based on advanced Realtek chip that allows to reach high data processing rates. The support for all the main audio codecs used in VoIP networks (G.711, G.723, G.726, G.729), echo cancellation, Silence Detector, Comfort Noise Generator, DTMF signals reception and generation as well as traffic prioritization (QoS) ensures high quality of voice data.

In case of main Softswitch connection failure, VP-15 is switched automatically to a redundant SIP server with main server state control.

Eltex.ACS management system (TR-069)
Auto Configuration system Eltex.ACS based on TR-069 specification provides easy-to-use functionality for firmware versions management and phone configuration. Eltex.ACS loads automatically individual configuration to the device according to the subscriber credentials. Intellectual firmware updating function works consistently with devices on the network, updating device groups according to the settled queue. Eltex.ACS has NorthBound Interface for OSS integration.

The convenient key location, intuitive menu and user-friendly multilingual web interface for management provides usability in corporate telephone networks.