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  • Monitoring of the main parameters of devices 
  • Online display of the devices accidents in text and graphic form 
  • Grouping of subscriber terminals to manage and update multiple devices at the same time 
  • Automatic registration of devices 

Automatic Configuration Server (ACS) is designed to automate and ease the configuration of customers premises equipment (CPE) using a protocol described in the standard TR-069, and allows the operator to centrally manage client equipment through a global network. This standard defines a mechanism which makes a safe automatic configuring of CPE and combines CPE management functions into a single system. 

A unified approach to managing 

Features laid down in the TR-069 Protocol allow the use of a common approach to the management of all user devices that are installed on the operator's network. Eltex.ACS server can be connected to a variety of user devices produced by Eltex. It is also possible to connect third-party devices which fully support TR-069 specifications and have been tested for compatibility. 

Configuration models 

Eltex.ACS complex allows you to create two configuration models of subscriber units: - only general parameters of subscriber units are configured using ACS; while private user data, such as phone numbers, PPP, SIP passwords and so on are set up by users themselves on their own devices through the WEB-interface. - a complete configuration of subscriber units is made using ACS, including all options to provide services. 

Integration with OSS 

ACS server can be managed via NorthBound, which allows full interaction with the OSS. This provides for possibility to adjust all elements of the network and connect a new subscriber within a very short period of time with a minimum of engineering resources consumed.

Features and Benefits
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Benefits of Eltex.ACS  

  • Option of preliminary assignment of a device to a subscriber, assignment on request 
  • Management of VoIP-gateways hidden behind the router 
  • Flexible integration with any CPE, supporting a TR-069 protocol  
  • Automatic detection of new devices (zero-touch configuration)  
  • Flexible hierarchical system of profiles and services allows you to create rich configurations based on different criteria of CPE grouping 
  • Additional layer of abstraction of a subscriber from the device facilitates the setting of individual parameters and allows you to change the subscriber equipment (for similar equipment) without additional configuration services
  • Automation of network monitoring, failures tracking, updating the firmware
  • Connecting more than 100 thousand devices per server  
  • Integration with the control system via Eltex.EMS station equipment within a single graphical user interface 
  • HTTPS protocol  
  • Scripting support (the ability of the operator to independently create any script of the ACS server work with the CPE)

Ease of use

  • Well-known interface 
  • More independence from “installators”, activation and reconfiguration services for any network devices which support TR069 from unified ACS server - non-standard RPC support 
  • When devices are connected to network they automatically appear in server configuration
  • Profiles of services and subscriber private parameters are configured on operator's PC either when they become available on server or beforehand, based on the device serial number
  • The server can operate with any devices supporting TR-069. Different types of devices can be controlled and monitored by switching classes in a single GUI window
  • VoIP-gateways management that are hidden behind router
  • A possibility to connect more than 200,000 devices to one server
  • HTTPS protocol
  • Support of scripts (operator can create any script for ACS server operation with CPE)

The "leakage" Issue is Solved for SIP Passwords and Other Private Data 
All subscriber's private data is configured by the operator on the Eltex.ACS server and is not sent to the subscriber that eliminates the leakage issue.

Diagnostics of Failures 

A connection can be remotely checked by a ping command from a subscriber device to any specified WAN or LAN host.

Statistics Collection for Analysis 

Monitoring of current status of services, interfaces, port counters, etc.

Customer Configuration Backup  

Centralised backup of current settings of network devices on the ACS server (or any other server in the network). Recovery of the settings, for example after reset to factory settings.

Centralized firmware update 
  • for groups and configured filters 
  • by schedule 
  • in the safe mode (at device startup only)

Integration of the system into existing network infrastructure  

To make Eltex.ACS fully integrated to the existing network infrastructure, responses of the EMS DHCP-server should be supplemented with option 43 specifying the ACS address for device connection to the server. This have already successfully been done in the Novosibirsk branch of Rostelecom 

Easy and intuitive GUI



  • Auto-configuration and dynamic preparation of services to work 
  • Software versions control  
  • Status and performance monitoring 
  • Diagnostics
GUI and CLI management interfacesFor ease of use, both graphical and console management interfaces are available.
Cross-program interaction interface Nortbound Interface (NBI)Designed to automate the interface between different systems. Implementation of NBI allows you to query the CPE lists, add and remove devices; customize your devices, manage services; reboot devices, update firmware and reset the devices to factory settings.
  • CPE lists 
  • CPE parameters 
  • users 
  • passwords
OSS/BSSManagement of subscriber devices and services.

Operational lifetime of the ELTEX equipment
In development
Mass production
Mass production is over
Sold out
Support is over
Regardless of the operational lifetime stage, Eltex provides a 12 months warranty on all its telecommunication equipment.
During the warranty period the manufacturer ensures technical support and free-of-charge repair at the Enterprise which is situated in Novosibirsk.
As part of the warranty service, technical support is provided on the first-in first-out principle.
The priority support packages of 8/5 and 27/7 types are subjects to additional charges.

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