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WLC-3200 hardware controller for large enterprise Wi-Fi networks is now in mass production

2 April 2024 The WLC-3200, the highest performance solution in the line of hardware wireless access controllers by Eltex, has been launched into mass production. The device meets high security and functionality requirements, and can be used to construct and manage large enterprise/public Wi-Fi networks.


Solution for large wireless networks
WLC-3200 provides high wireless network performance. It is equipped with 12 SFP ports of 25 Gbps, a console port and OOB. The controller can centrally manage up to 1000 access points and service up to 30,000 simulta-neously connected client devices. Under a separate license, you can increase the number of access points up to 1200.

To store long period statistics on wireless network operation, it is possi-ble to install a hard disk. You can also use a USB 2.0 port and a micro SD slot.

Not just a controller
WLC-3200 has advanced capabilities for traffic routing and protection. High performance is achieved due to hardware acceleration of data processing.

The controller supports routing functions, including: static and dynamic IPv4 and IPv6 routing with support for RIP, OSPF (v. 2, v.3), BGP, IS-IS pro-tocols; virtual route division VRF; policy-based routing (PBR), etc.

Built-in firewall detects and blocks various types of cyber threats and operates by L2–L4 fields, trust zones and applications. Authorization is con-figured based on RADIUS, TACACS+, and LDAP.

IDS/IPS intrusion detection system and a set of Kaspersky SafeStream II rules are available under separate licenses for comprehensive wireless network protection.

Optimization of wireless network operation
One of the key features of the WLC-3200 is the Airtune system, designed to improve wireless network performance. This system automatically selects the optimal transmission channels and power for connected access points, en-suring efficient use of the radio spectrum. In addition, Airtune provides seam-less roaming in accordance with 802.11k/r standard.

Access point support
WLC-3200 is fully compatible with modern 802.11ac (Wi-Fi 5) and 802.11ax (Wi-Fi 6) wireless network standards. This provides high bandwidth and low latency for bandwidth-demanding applications such as video stream-ing or VoIP communications. The controller supports all Eltex current outdoor and indoor access points.

WLC-3200 supports "1+1" redundancy. If an active controller fails, a redundunt controller automatically takes over control of all connected access points.
Configuration data and network status are synchronized between con-trollers, which guarantees a smooth transfer of control to redundant one in case of failure. This increases the overall reliability of the wireless infrastruc-ture based on WLC-3200.

Management capabilities
In addition to traditional CLI configuration and management methods, the controller and connected access points can be controlled via the WEB* and ECCM cloud system.
* Web interface is under development.

WLC-3200 is a reliable foundation for creating a large Wi-Fi infrastruc-ture and providing high-quality services to users. For more information about the device, its capabilities and application scenarios, please contact Eltex Sales Department at

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