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WEP-30L-Z indoor access point with Wi-Fi 6 and Z-Wave support has been launched into pre-production

8 May 2024 The WEP-30L-Z corporate indoor access point opens up new opportunities for creating a convenient workspace, a wireless office based on Wi-Fi 6 with flexible automation. The new model has been launched into pre-production.


Smart office
WEP-30L-Z is an improved version of WEP-30L model, the serial production of which we reported before. The main feature of the new model and the difference from WEP-30L is the built-in IoT hub for use in the B2B segment, which will help automate basic processes in enterprise offices based on the Eltex Smart Cloud platform and Eltex smart devices.

The hub uses the Z-Wave protocol, which is perfect for IoT applications in the B2B segment:
  • The Eltex hub and sensors operate using the lightly loaded 869 MHz frequency. In an office environment where there is a lot of radio interference, such as from Wi-Fi, the signal between Z-Wave devices is stable and passes better through obstacles.
  • AES-128 encryption is used to protect data. Eltex Z-Wave devices use the
  • 2 pairing process, ensuring the secure connections of smart device and enhanced threat protection.
  • Z-Wave is an energy efficient protocol. The Eltex sensors operate for a long time from a battery. The FLiRS technology allows to further save energy due to low power consumption in standby mode, as well as a special mechanism for scanning the environment to receive commands and synchronize data.
WEP-30L-Z supports all range of Z-Wave and Wi-Fi smart devices from Eltex, which allow implementing the main tasks of automation in the enterprise:
  • Service "Security" provides notification of intrusion into premises, access control, and video surveillance. The devices included into the service are Z-Wave contact door/window sensors SZ-MCT, motion sensors SZ-PIR, Wi-Fi smart camera.
  • Service "Control" provides monitoring of the environment parameters, notification of system failures and fire at the initial stage. The devices included into the service are Z-Wave temperature and humidity sensors SZ-AIR-HT01, water leak detectors SZ-WLK, smoke detectors SZ-SMK.
  • Service "Management" provides remote control of equipment and lighting. The devices included into the service are Wi-Fi control relay with or without neutral (SW-RLY01 and SW-RLY02), smart socket SW-PLG02 and IR control panel SW-IRC01.
  • Scenarios provide automation of routine operations, setting up the platform and smart devices responses to events. For example, the lights can be automatically turned on when a person enters the room (motion sensor + smart relay) or by a pre-defined schedule, the air conditioner or humidifier can be switched on depending on climatic parameters (temperature and humidity sensor + IR remote control). All Wi-Fi and Z-Wave sensors from Eltex are used.
You can learn more about Eltex smart devices here.

For convenient management of smart devices and monitoring the office status, the Eltex Home mobile application, available for iOS and Android, is used. It is also possible to manage the smart office through the platform website. Eltex smart devices work with third-party smart home platforms such as Yandex, Sber and VK, and can be controlled through them using Alice, Salute, and Marusya voice assistants.

Wireless workplace
WEP-30L-Z, like the basic WEP-30L model, operates in two 2.4/5 GHz bands and provides high-speed Wi-Fi connection to a corporate network and the Internet for up to 100 devices. Maximum performance for two bands is more than 1.7 Gbit/s. The Wi-Fi 6 (802.11ax) protocol is supported. Both access points have identical connection characteristics to the network infrastructure, that is a 2.5 gigabit port with PoE (power over Ethernet) support.

High-speed stable Wi-Fi based on the current Wi-Fi 6 protocol allows implementing the "wireless office" concept. This makes it possible to abandon wired connections at the workplace, to increase employee mobility and flexibility in organizing the workspace. With support for IEEE 802.11r/k/v seamless roaming, employees can move freely around the office, staying connected and having access to corporate resources and applications anywhere in the office building where they work.

Easy setup and management is also one of the advantages of the WEP-30L-Z. Administrators can conveniently configure and control the operation of the access point using WEB, CLI, SoftWLC software controller or WLC hardware controllers.

The WEP-30L-Z access point will be a key element of the modern digital work environment, combining high-speed Wi-Fi 6 wireless connections and an office automation system based on Eltex IoT solutions. For more information about the new product,  please contact the ELTEX sales department:

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